Left Hand Path

Straight Edge | Springfield, MO

Slowdive - So Tired


So tired, its so hard to feel
but its alright..


Green Beret @ Soy Bomb in Toronto, Canada 2013

Only posting a few pictures, that I’m not too crazy about. Better shots are being used for something else.

Breakdown - Jail Of Depression
Bass Drum of Death - Crawling After You
Sick Of It All - Pushed Too Far


Sick Of It All - "Pushed Too Far"

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Type O Negative - Christian Woman
Code Orange Kids - My World

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New Order, NYC 1981, Eugene Merinov


New Order, NYC 1981, Eugene Merinov

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Death Grips - Anne Bonny

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Free At Last
Stigmata - Clipper Of Wings


Stigmata - Clipper of Wings

Michael Cera - Ruth


"In a sunlit tavern, in a corner booth sucking stale popcorn, there I met dear Ruth. She’d only just lost the baby, seven months and a week, drank a month of Seagrams, kissed me on the cheek."

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